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Pike Fishing In Ontario

Sunset Country, located in Northwest Ontario, is one of North America's most visited destinations for northern pike fishing. Why? Well the fact there are almost 100,000 freshwater lakes is a good part of the reason and the other is that almost every one of these lakes support good populations of this nasty predator!

In addition to numbers we have some big and beefy trophies that can reach 50 inches in length and 40 pounds in weight. Your chances of consistently landing a giant northern are high and the smaller ones make for a fantastic to shore lunch. The local ethic of catch and release for large ones has sustained a very healthy population of northerns throughout the region but make sure you bring some heavy duty fishing tackle if that's what you're after. Northern pike hit on just about anything but for the total experience, bring top water and diving baits of considerable size. You'll want a medium-heavy action rod and make sure you use a leader to avoid bite-offs.

This website has information on the many lakes and places you can stay on your fishing vacation to Canada. Look through the listings for the specific accommodations that fit your tastes and budget. You can rent housekeeping cabins or go and stay at a full-service American Plan Lodge where meals and fishing guides are included. For the more adventurous, try a fly-in trip to a remote lake where you are the only party on the lake. Just your group and the northerns!

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